Véronique Oodian is a Sheffield based Nature inspired artist who mainly creates her own floral compositions using oils.

Born in West Yorkshire, Véronique has settled in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, where she gained her degree in Fine Art Painting and Printmaking at the Sheffield Hallam University. She is an experienced qualified tutor with over eleven years of experience tutoring adults. Her knowledge and expertise is broad, offering tuition in drawing and painting using all media.

Véronique uses various aspects of nature as subject matter for her work, her main interests being garden flowers depicted in their natural outdoor environment. Her work also examines the relationship between people and nature and how we interact with the natural world surrounding us. Choosing oil as her preferred medium, Véronique feels it enables her to truly express herself and the beauties of nature. Her work can be seen locally and are in private collections across the UK and America.


Véronique's work has mostly been displayed in community settings and over the years living in Sheffield she has taken part in opportunities such as Sheffield Showcase, The Great Sheffield Art Show and Art in the Gardens. She has also co-curated and organised group exhibitions at a local community gallery in the centre of Sheffield.

"Earth" Group exhibition, 35 Chapel Walk Gallery, Sheffield, UK
The Art House Summer Participation Exhibition, Group community event, Sheffield UK

Wall display, Haggler’s Kaffihus, Sheffield, UK
"Art @ Nine" Group exhibition, 35 Chapel Walk Gallery, Sheffield, UK

2015 - Group open studio event, Sheffield Open Up, 35 Chapel Walk Gallery, Sheffield, UK

Parallax Art Fair , Chelsea, UK
Group exhibition, 35 Chapel Walk Gallery, Sheffield, UK
Solo display, Sheffield Showcase, UK

2013 - Group Exhibition, Walkley Festival, Sheffield, UK
2010 - Great Sheffield Art Show, UK

Great Sheffield Art Show, UK
Art in the Gardens, Sheffield, UK

2007 - Solo exhibition, London Road Gallery, Sheffield, UK

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